Laura just returned from teaching at Howard Fine Studio Australia and is back to LA and her classes
at our new space at 317 North La Brea at Beverly.

Her on-going Thursday class is up and running as well as RELATIONSHIP OF HOMEWORK TO REHEARSAL.

www.howardfine.com or 323.965.1488

Stay tuned for her return to Santa Fe and New Mexico and some other news!

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Laura quoted in the New York Times: “When he started making choices that were less based on his looks and had artistic integrity, a lot of young actors became very impressed,” said Laura Gardner, an actress and instructor at the Howard Fine Acting Studio here. “McConaughey has demonstrated a commitment to his art, to finding that truth in his characters.” She noted he lost 43 pounds for “Dallas Buyers Club.”

CASTLE “Like Father, Like Daughter” Laura as Patrice Toland Aired November 4th

PILOT–MERRYLAND – Laura’s Comedy

Chris and Josh – Mother’s Day

Chris’s Mom, Christine!!!!


See her interview below: The Filmmakers Lifestyle – Laura Gardner

Her Thursday night scene study continues at 7:15 Laura’s classes are in full swing at www.howardfine.com