Laura Gardner is one of the top and most respected acting teachers in Los Angeles. Laura teaches at the world-renowned Howard Fine Studios. She is an amazing actress, teacher, and coach, you will love this!




Laura is teaching her Authenticity Workshop in Hawaii January 19/20 as well as a class for the SAG Conservatory and University of Hawaii!!. A two day acting intensive focused on emotional freedom.  Valuable for actors, writers and directors.


Becky & Her Lung Transplant
Catch Laura in the wild and wacky BECKY AND HER LUNG TRANSPLANT by Lucy Wright and William Missouri Downs on January 14th at 8pm at The Road Theatre at 10747 Magnolia Blvd,North Hollywood directed by Matthew Singletary and with Amy Tolstoy, Josh Zuckerman, Kay Capasso and Brian Graves.
Playwright: Lucy Wright & William Missouri Downs
Featuring: Laura Gardner, Amy Tolsky, Kap Capasso, and Josh Zuckerman.

A new comedy/drama about the effects of fake news and alternative facts. Sylvia, a screenwriter, is losing her grip as her writing career slides into the Hollywood Vortex of middle-aged female oblivion. But more, her teen aged son thinks that the NSA has hacked his computer so that when he plays the video game ‘Drone Strike’ he’s actually killing people in Afghanistan. To pay for her son’s psychiatrist she takes a crap job writing a “based on a true story” script about a little girl’s lung transplant, but soon begins to question if the lung story (or her son’s) has any basis in reality.

Laura Gardner as Dr. Crawford in The Romanoffs: The Royal We

Laura is thrilled to announce the premiere of MARRIAGE MATERIAL
at AFI October 21st!


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